dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Wii U between may and july next year.

Are there any people out there that are realy enthusiastic about the new Wii?
For those that are, it will be there around this time next year.
The only thing I like about the new wii is the controller which you can use to look around and see what is left/right of you.
And there is supposed to be better hardware let's hope they will use and make some better looking games because in my opinion the graphics of the Wii are even worse then the Gamecube's.
And to be honest just give me a "normal" controller in stead of the lame motion controller.

So if there are any people out there that share or don't share my opinion please tell me, and maybe I will be convinced to buy the Wii U, or maybe my inmate will buy it anyway :P.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. If I will have the money when it is released, I will surely buy it. Nintendo has never disappointed me.

  2. in my honest view i believe your right the gamecube did have better graphics then the wii, but it not all about the graphics its about game play as well lol ive been a gamer for life so i believe gameplay is more important then graphics

  3. Gameplay is more important but I don't like the motion controller either :P.
    And to be honest when playing a game I like it when it looks nice.

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  5. Going to get it for the sake of playing zelda. Looks good. hehehe

  6. hehe, well my inmate is a huge zelda fan (you know t-shirts and stuff) so I think he will get it so I can play it to :P

  7. I will buy the new Wii when it comes out :P