zondag 12 juni 2011

Anonymous members arrested

Three members of the international hackers group Anonymous were arrested in Spain.
In the house of the members the police found a server that was used to coordinate and initiate an attack on 2 Spanish banks, the Italian energy company Enel and the governments including Egypt, Libya and Iran.
Other country's who have taken steps against Anonymous are the United States and Great Brittan.

I don't hope other members of the group will take revenge for the arrests, what do you think?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Very interesting.
    We have similar interests!
    I am now following!
    Hit me up, brother!

  2. Yeah I heard about this, maybe they will!

  3. I just read that Anonymous warned the Spanish police for an attack on Saturday.

  4. who knows, they might!
    hey check out blog http://theunwantedadventures.blogspot.com/

  5. Maybe they will. Maybe they won't. It's a big group and each have their own agenda.