dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Wii U between may and july next year.

Are there any people out there that are realy enthusiastic about the new Wii?
For those that are, it will be there around this time next year.
The only thing I like about the new wii is the controller which you can use to look around and see what is left/right of you.
And there is supposed to be better hardware let's hope they will use and make some better looking games because in my opinion the graphics of the Wii are even worse then the Gamecube's.
And to be honest just give me a "normal" controller in stead of the lame motion controller.

So if there are any people out there that share or don't share my opinion please tell me, and maybe I will be convinced to buy the Wii U, or maybe my inmate will buy it anyway :P.

maandag 13 juni 2011

The Facebook growth is shrinking

Facebook sees traffic drop in the US and Canada as it reaches 700 million users.
This is the first time in the history of Facebook that the growth is shrinking.
In may this year there were only 11.8 million new subscribers when in previous years that number was closer to 20 million.
In the US the total subscribers dropped with 6 million to a (still) 194.4 million users.
The reason for this is probably that Facebook is working on a cleanup by deleting account that aren't being used for a long time. Besides that personal profiles that are being used by company's are being deleted.

Facebook now has approximately 687 million users. According to InsideFacebook it's just a matter of weeks until 
they reach the 700 million border.

zondag 12 juni 2011

Anonymous members arrested

Three members of the international hackers group Anonymous were arrested in Spain.
In the house of the members the police found a server that was used to coordinate and initiate an attack on 2 Spanish banks, the Italian energy company Enel and the governments including Egypt, Libya and Iran.
Other country's who have taken steps against Anonymous are the United States and Great Brittan.

I don't hope other members of the group will take revenge for the arrests, what do you think?

What is this blog?

I wanted to start a blog about the things in daily news and most of all I want to know what other people think about the topics that are spoken of in the news.
So I will be writing about all kinds of news from the death of Osama to the six teeth that were pulled out of Mladic's mouth. I don't know if I can consider the last one news but I am curious about if you think it's news.
I hope you will like it and contribute.